Christine Gabriele is a clothing and accessories designer, stylist and fit consultant. But above all – she is a problem-solver.
A New York native and Rhode Island School of Design grad, Gabriele started her career as a patternmaker for Cynthia Rowley and Rebecca Taylor. She then put her talents to work as the fixer on the photo shoots and runway shows of the industry’s top fashion houses – Balenciaga, Dior, Givenchy, Versace and Bottega Veneta, to name a few. Gabriele has worked with leading magazines such as W and InStyle and alongside fashion icons Kate Moss, Marion Cotillard and Naomi Campbell.
On set, when a problem needs to be solved, Gabriele is on it. If some critical element of the clothing needs styling, fixing, adjusting, taking in or taking out, it’s her job to make it all work, and to work beautifully.
Gabriele has been called upon to make a vintage men’s military jacket fit a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model. She crafted a corset for Rosie a 10,000-pound elephant for a W. Magazine shoot. And she made sure Bruce Springsteen’s wool jacket fit him just right before he performed at President Obama’s inauguration.
On any given day, Gabriele could be perched on a ladder, finding her sea legs on a boat, or braving a snowstorm on a mountain. Under all these circumstances, she needs to be comfortable yet cool. So on shoots Gabriele always wore the versatile pieces she had handcrafted for herself. When the models began asking where they could buy what she had on, Gabriele realized she was onto something.
2008 saw the launch of her first collection. Her exquisite taste, pragmatic mindset and unparalleled construction skills are evident in every piece of the Christine Gabriele collection.
“Clothing is direct. You wear it on your body so it is the most personal thing. That means it is the hardest problem to solve, which is why I began making clothes in the first place,” she explains. “Everything has to be right about clothing – the right feel, the right fit, the right fabric, the right shape, the right color, the right purpose. If it’s wrong, it’s so wrong. So it’s something you want to get right, perfectly right.
“My line developed out of solving the problem of wanting to be practical but feeling chic and upscale at the same time,” she said. “Women just want to feel put-together and confident – like they are wearing the right thing.”
With Gabriele’s clothing, you will always feel like your wearing the right thing.